The future of Type-Approval for 2- & 3-wheeled vehicles now provisionally agreed by MEPs & Council (governments’) negotiators.

There has been an official announcement that the rules on the future of Type-Approval for two- and three-wheeled vehicles have now been provisionally agreed by MEPs and Council (governments’) negotiators.

The headlines are…

- Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) on all new motorcycles over 125 cc.

- Either ABS or combined brake systems (CBS) on all new bikes/scooters under 125 cc – four years after implementation (c.2016/17?) the Commission will have to present a cost-effectiveness analysis, with recommendations as to whether the rules should be revised.

- Anti-Tampering measures on power-trains of new A1 (125cc bikes/scooters) and A2 (48bhp bikes/scooters) – the details to be decided under ‘Delegated-Acts’ by the Commission and experts over the next 12-18 months.

NB: the findings of an official study recently completed by TRL for the Commission show that AT will not be easy to achieve, so the main hope has to be that manufacturers will be able to take a light-touch when it comes to designing-out the possibility of modifications being made to the power-train.

- Euro 3 emission standards will apply to new mopeds from 1 January 2016.

- New motorcycles will have to meet the more stringent Euro 4 standards from 2016 and Euro 5 limits from 2020 – the Commission will have to carry out a comprehensive environmental impact study before 2016 to evaluate the air quality and share of pollutants emitted by bikes.

Next steps:

The provisionally agreed text still needs to be formally endorsed by Council and Parliament. The deal will be put to an Internal Market Committee vote in October (rubber stamp) and then a plenary vote of the full Parliament on 19th November.

The Delegated Acts are likely to take 12-18 months to thrash-out, these will be subject to scrutiny by MEPs but any changes that the Commission won’t accept could only be forced by the MEPs if they were prepared to throw out the whole thing.
MAG as a FEMA member will be discussing this at a meeting this weekend. We’ll keep you updated and we’ll be keeping up the fight !

Latest on ‘Super MoT ‘ and a letter you may wish to send if your MEP is on the committee considering it.

The Transport and Tourism Committee (TRAN) of the European Parliament have now had time to look at the new Super MoT proposals from the Commission, so it’s time, as voters, that we make contact with them.

They had their first discussion on the topic a week ago and are due to meet again on the 8th October, but I haven’t seen the agenda to know if they’ll discuss it again so soon.

MAG has been in contact with the Department for Transport here in the UK, so we know that we share many of the same concerns about this proposed legislation, but there is a long way to go as the legislative process has just begun.

You may remember the public consultation was held back in 2010 and  that  is now the subject of an investigation by the Ombudsman, after MAG member Jon Strong formally complained that it wasn’t fit for purpose. This case is ongoing, but I have read erroneous statements on some web forums that no-one was ever consulted. Over 9000 people did respond even though the questions were laughable, and I’m pleased to say many of them were MAG members.

Last weekend saw the demo in Brussels organised by MAG Netherlands and MAG Belgium, there were demos in France by FFMC and in Dublin by MAG Ireland, countries where the Super MoT will have an even more profound effect.

Here in the UK, the impact of this legislation won’t be as profound, but will still cause considerable unnecessary change if we don’t challenge it.

The first thing we must do is contact the British members and substitute members of the TRAN committee, so that they know we are watching what they are doing.

There is a letter below that you may wish to personalise, print off and sign or just cut and paste into an email, but please remember this isn’t for every MEP, just those listed below, so if you live in the S West, Yorkshire, East Mids, Wales, N Ireland or Scotland, just relax for a minute.

Be warned, some in the car world who misunderstand the issues have been writing to MEPs already, so please do remain polite, don’t forget to , provide your address and sign the letter and follow up the response if it appears your MEP has sent you the wrong reply.

First up is the North West.

Brian Simpson (TRAN Chairman) Labour  Lakeside, Alexandra Park, Prescot Road, St Helens WA10 3TT

Jacqeline Foster (full member) Conservative  Thursby House, i, Thursby Rd, Bromborough, Wirral CH62 3PW


Geoffrey van Orden (substitute) Conservative   88, Rectory Lane, Chelmsford CM1 1RF


Syed Kamall (substitute) Conservative   3, Bridle Close, Kingston upon Thames KT1 2JW

West Midlands:

Philip Bradbourne (full member) Conservative   285, Kenilworth Road, Balsall Common, West Mids CV7 7EL

Mike Nattress (full member) UKIP   48, Fentham Rd, Hampton in Arden, B92 0AY

Phil Bennion (substitute) Lib Dem   6b Bolebridge Street, Tamworth, Staffordshire B79 7PA

South East:

Keith Taylor (full member) Green   CAN Mezzanine, 49-51 East Road, London N1 6AH

Catherine Bearder (substitute) Lib Dem    27, Park End St, Oxford OX1 1HU


I’m writing to you as a constituent and motorcyclist with some concern about elements of the newly proposed EU Road Worthiness Regulation COM(2012)380.

I understand that you are a member of the Transport and Tourism Committee (TRAN), which will be leading for the European Parliament on this issue.

Although the UK already has a motorcycle road-worthiness test in place (MoT), many of the requirements contained in the new proposal appear unfounded and will I feel add unnecessary expense and inconvenience.

The proposal specifies the visual examination of brake drum linings for scoring and oil contamination for example, and ensuring that motorcycles adhere to their original form as constructed, which the UK Department for Transport considers may prevent many modifications owners wish to make, either for personal reasons or indeed to improve safety or fuel efficiency.

The Commission may require the registration of even the smallest trailers and the withdrawal of a vehicle’s registration should they fail the test on what is considered a ‘major’ defect. Perhaps most concerning in the UK, is the financial and regulatory pressure faced by small bike shops who may not be able to continue offering road worthiness testing. This could ultimately lead to a small number of large centres, inconvenient for many riders, but certainly exacerbating recovery charges should a vehicle fail the test and not be permitted to use the highway following removal of its registration.

The public consultation completed in 2010 was deemed by many unfit for purpose, and it is the focus of a complaint to the European Ombudsman, who has found the Commission has indeed a case to answer.

I urge you to consult the Department for Transport and the UK’s leading riders organisation the Motorcycle Action Group for advice on this matter and look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours Sincerely

24th June 2012 – EU Hands Off Biking day of ACTION

24th June 2012 will involve 12 major demonstrations, to coincide with the 12 EU Parliamentary Constituencies that exist in the UK. Action will take place on main routes, mostly on Motorways. Start time will be 13.00 hours. The idea is to create a spectacle and let people see us, so blocking the roads will be self-defeating. Instead we’ll leave the outside lane free, which is also important for emergency services

Rides will be various lengths but probably average about 40 miles and last an hour. A sedate 40mph and a well regimented ride will demonstrate  how we can structure ourselves as a lobby and make it clear that should we need to, we could inconvenience the country at a later date.

Some areas, like the South East, will have smaller meeting points in the morning, so that riders can gather and make their way to the main start point. Yet again we will have some politicians ride with us or meet us at the start points, highlighting the legitimacy of our case.

To create a spectacle we must keep left, leaving the outside lane open and travel no slower than 40mph.

This is a legitimate, peaceful protest, not a blockade. Let’s demonstrate that we are an organised lobby that commands respect. MAG does not advocate breaking laws. Closing the motorway will do huge damage to our cause and undermine our good working relationship with the British Government.

We are standing up for biking in the face of EU legislation that wishes to curtail our right to modify new bikes, even though no evidence exists to say modifications are unsafe or environmentally damaging. Imposing compulsory ABS and automatic headlights on will take the onus off bad drivers and onto us. On Board Diagnostics that could record how the bike has been ridden and which will alienate the home mechanic.

Political negotiations continue and these demo rides are a part of that. Our Government support us!

For up to date information on starting points, follow this link:, then click on the motorcycle on the map nearest to you.

Ride safe every one and thank you for your support.

Over 150 Riders attend RAV event at Bridge Motorcycles Exeter.

Riders from the South West crowded into Bridge Motorcycle’s Exeter showroom on Friday night to listen to, and ask questions of, Conservative MEP Giles Chichester as part of a Riders Are Voters event.

The event, organised by Motorcycle Action Group members from the area, including Jono Broad and John Groves in association with Lee and the team at Bridge, was a huge success and although emotions ran high on occasion, Giles Chichester said it really helped him understand the strength of feeling and the issues in question.

Those issues, all created by the EU Type Approval Regulation COM(2010)542, include the prohibition of modifications to a bike’s power-train and perhaps some cycle parts. Central to concern, apart from the fact that there is absolutely no evidential base for the proposal, is that since the Lisbon Treaty was signed, the technical heart of the proposal (which components will be affected) is to be contained in what are called ‘Delegated Acts’. These will be completed AFTER MEPs in the European Parliament have voted to accept them! Hence the uncertainty of exactly what will be affected.

Giles tried to explain where EU accountability lay and not surprisingly, had some difficulty, but he did compliment those riders attending, on their depth of knowledge of the issue, which he admitted was more than his own.

MAG is grateful to Mr Chichester for his attendance, who said it was possibly the largest public meeting he had experienced in his South West Constituency.

We are also delighted that the editor of RIDE Magazine, Colin Overland not only attended the event but also joined MAG as a full member.

See pictures from the event below…..

MAG Reps and riders from the South West with MEP Giles Chichester before the RAV event 30th March

Giles Chichester MEP answering local Riders questions.

Some of the Riders in attendance.

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