3DLD Consultation Response Report Released

Below you can read the 3DLD Consultation Response Report released by the DSA/DfT, that we have received from MCIA.

The response from MAG is:
“that the DSA have ignored the consultation responses and clearly had decided what they were doing before spending all the money on the futile consultation exercise. As an agency they are clearly demonstrating that improving driving standards is the last thing they care about and that raising revenue is the first. The EU directive offers Nation States the option of improving training and there is surely no one sane in the land who doesn’t think training and education works. More annoyingly, the DSA will no doubt blame the EU for the disastrous outcome that awaits”

The DSA/DfT has very quietly released the report showing the results from the 3DLD Consultation. In total there were 489 responses to the consultation. Although this is not broken down any further, we would estimate that a high percentage of these responded with a motorcycle interest. For the motorcycle related questions there were around 460 comments made. For the remaining questions, only around 160 made any comments.

The report does not give detail on the more general points which were at the end of the Consultation. However, it does state that “…many considered that the consultation did not meet the Consultation Criteria.”

To highlight the main points of the report:

· Testing will be the only route through progressive access at this time.

· There will be special provisions for moped and motorcycle riders with a physical disability.

· A new AM category will include light quadricycles and tricycles.

· There will be no unaccompanied provisional riding for A2 and A categories.

Although the testing route has been chosen, there is an acceptance from Ministers that many stakeholders would have preferred a training option from a road safety point of view. As the MCI and MCITA responses showed, many felt that costs suggested by the DSA were too high for this to be a viable alternative. Whilst we agree that the training option should not be implemented in time for the new arrangements in 2013, we had hoped that the DSA would agree to write both training and testing into legislation now. This is what was requested in our responses, to allow the possibility of the training option to be implemented at some time in the future, should the issues around the quality control and cost of the training option be resolved. This omission means that changing regulations to include training upgrades in the future would be more difficult and very time consuming.

The report further quotes the MCI and MCITA position statement in full.
You can view a copy of the report at http://www.dft.gov.uk/consultations/closed/thirddirective/

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