Candidates Meet At Nightingales Of Rugby

The candidates from the 3 main parties in Rugby were prepared to be lobbied directly today, by a motorcycle dealer and riding constituents.

Nightingales Motorcycles, like many dealers, have realised how important the Riders Are Voters campaign is. They provided the venue for what turned out to be an hour of direct motorcycle discussion, broaching all the subjects in the RAV manifesto and many more local issues.

The candidates all said that it was an illuminating morning and that they saw real merit in the campaign, especially at local level. Of course, MAG’s central office is in Rugby, so perhaps they felt obliged!

Pictured with Nich Brown is Andy King (Lab) on a BMW and Jerry Roodhouse (Lib Dem) is in the pic with Paddy. Mark Pawsey (con) is seen with the other candidates and with Gavin Nightingale.

Please give it a go.

Ask your dealer to help and get your candidates along for a cuppa and a photo op on a bike. Ask them what they’ll do for biking and introduce them to some of the issues

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