Conservatives Official Response

The Conservatives are committed to supporting motorcycling as a sustainable mode of transport. Motorcycles produce less CO2 than other modes of transport and they reduce congestion.

Boris Johnson has successfully allowed motorcycles into bus lanes. His predecessor, Ken Livingstone tried to conceal research which showed that this contributed to road safety. Conservatives wish to extend this nationwide.

Whilst we are concerned that motorcycles are killed and injured, we do not believe that the Government’s policy of more fixed speed cameras is the solution. The Conservatives would not fund any new fixed speed cameras.

We need to establish a test cycle to enable CO2 figures to be published for motorcycles. All too often when bikes are tested by various magazines they do not ride them to achieve maximum economy but go for performance!

The Conservative Party has been very critical of the new motorcycle driving test. A fundamental error was made in not applying for a derogation for the swerve and stop element to be carried out at 30mph. The move to multi purpose test centres has been disastrous and has resulted in long journeys for young riders. In many cases riders will just keep riding on L plates.

We are also keen to promote motorcycle sport. My own constituency includes the Oliver’s Mount Circuit and I host motorcycle trials events on my farm in North Yorkshire.

Finally, we wish to reduce the amount of regulation. We are reluctant to introduce any further rules and regulations regarding motorcycling and in particular we do not support any moves to have maximum power limits.

I hope, should I be appointed a Minister, that I will work very closely with all motorcycling groups

As the holder of a motorcycle license myself I understand all too well these issues, and look forward to working with motorcycling fraternity.

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