DSA Announce Three Reviews

Further to pressure from RAV and the subsequent announcement by Roads Minister Mike Penning that he was going to implement a full review of the current motorcycle testing regime, we have been notified today that 3 working groups are to be established by the DSA.

  • One will be examining a trainer registration scheme which we have been calling for for a number of years,
  • One will be reviewing the current test booking procedure which many training schools are unhappy with and
  • one will be reviewing the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) syllabus.

The RAV team are very pleased that the DSA is willing to re-examine the current situation and particularly pleased that the requests for a registration of trainers is being addressed. This could provide control and maintenance of instruction standards and enable the UK interpretation of the 3rd EU licence directive to include a ‘training option’ as a way to graduate through the soon to be implemented stepped licence system.

Minister Penning said only last week in a meeting with Mark Williams MP, motorcycle instructors and RAV’s Paddy Tyson, that he would ensure some form of trainers register would be investigated to ensure quality of service and parity with the Approved Driving Instructors registration system.

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