Early Day Motion for Test Centre Provision

Below is the text of MP Anne Main’s Early Day Motion on the Motorcycle Testing issue, tabled on 3rd March 2010

The number is 1002.

These things only really gain legs when more MPs sign so if you feel able to ask your MP to sign it this would be very welcome.

EDM 1002


That this House notes that, following the introduction of a new
motorcycle test on 27 April 2009, Driving Standards Agency figures show
that 50,000 fewer people took the motorcycle test in the period to 31
January 2010 than in the same period in 2008; further notes that 45
learners crashed attempting the new test during its first nine weeks,
resulting in 12 hospitalisations; further notes that the majority of
crashes occurred during the new swerve and stop exercise, which has been
combined into one exercise in Module One of the new test; further notes
that this is not obligatory under the European directive which prompted
the introduction of the new test; further notes that the new test has
resulted in a reduction in test centres, requiring longer journeys for
inexperienced riders to access test facilities; is concerned that
inaction to tackle this lack of test centres and combined swerve and
stop exercise could lead to a decline in the overall number of
motorcyclists and the motorcycle industry as a whole; congratulates
Motorcycle News and the Motorcycle Action Group on their campaign to
have these issues addressed; and calls on the Government to consider
separating the two elements of the swerve and stop exercise and to
investigate how the availability of test centres could be addressed.

If you need any background on Early Day Motions this section of the
Parliament website is quite good:

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