One Candidate’s Response To RAV

We received this letter today via the editor of ROAD (MAG’s members magazine)

As the Labour parliamentary candidate in South West Wiltshire I was invited to speak at the Riders are Voters hustings in Salisbury and, given the column inches given over to debating the influence riders have over politicians, I just wanted to offer some feedback.

The event was incredibly useful for me and I came away with a much clearer understanding of the issues facing bikers today and what needs to be done.

It was also one of the best organised events I attended.

The team behind Riders are Voters are doing a fantastic job and the information they provided candidates with in this year’s election was second to none. So, please don’t give up on influencing politicians and please do back your MAG team so they can keep on doing their excellent work!

All the best

Rebecca Rennison
Labour Parliamentary Candidate, South West Wiltshire

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