Lord Adonis for RAV

In the picture:
L-R Dr Phyllis Starkey (Lab, MK South), Lord Adonis, Andrew Pakes (lab, MK North), Mike Owens and Sam Owens (RAV)

The two Labour candidates were so impressed with the RAV hustings in MK last week that Duncan and Towcester MAG had arranged, that they asked the riders to meet Lord Adonis, the Secretary of State for Transport on Saturday.

Mike Owens, John Donaldson and Sam Owens were able to engage Lord Adonis in conversation about all things motorcyclie for over 30 minutes.

“We found Lord Adonis to be very open minded and he listened to the points we raised and our concerns. He was interested to hear from people “on the street”. He did not lecture to us. He listened and asked relevant questions. He showed a depth of knowledge on the committee processes, 2DLD and 3DLD” said Mike.

Mike also said that the flawed 3DLD consultation process was discussed and how it had been referred to the Parliamentary Ombudsman, mentioning that the Northern Ireland consultation process had included a register for approved motorcycle instructors, which is something that the DSA says is not possible to do.

Lord Adonis said that the 3DLD consultation process is not closed. He said he was keen to meet with RAV / MAG and also the DSA and he commented that he did not want to see unhappy motorcyclists on the road.

Surely proof that RAV can reach the politicians that other groups can’t!

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