UKIP’s Official Response

UKIP Transportation Policy document as pertaining to motorcycles.

Section 9

9.1 UKIP supports people’s right to enjoy the freedom and manoeuvrability motorcycling brings, but are concerned at those who abuse these rights and with the number of motorcycle fatalities – 569 in 2005, with motorcycle safety groups lamenting that their 1% of motorists suffer 18% of accidents involving injury26. UKIP supports the use of bus lanes by motorcycles where safe, and provision of reasonably priced motorcycle parking bays.

9.2 UK Independence would consult on the feasibility of new build motorcycles carrying identification front as well as rear to aid identification and deter speed abuse and from an additional noise control.

9.3 UKIP opposes EU legislation aimed at motorcyclists. Westminster is entirely capable of dealing with motorcycle licensing and regulations on British Roads. UKIP particularly opposes ill conceived EU plans to make daytime vehicle headlight use compulsorily. This threatens to increase motorcycle fatalities, as motorcycle daytime headlights will not be obvious and this will obscure emergency vehicle lights27.

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