Mebyon Kernow Response

Mebyon Kernow is proud that Cornwall has a long heritage of motorcycle riding both on and off road.

Safety: We would like to see more bike safety awareness on the UK’s roads, especially in Cornwall, with emphasis on motorist and motorcycle awareness. We would like more bus and taxi lanes to made available for motocycle use.

Parking: We are campaigning to create legislation to compell all public car parks – council or private – to be compelled to provide free motorcycle parking spaces, covered where possible.

Insurance: Mebyon Kernow is concerned that a new ‘claims culture’ is pushing premiums up unfairly on responsible bikers, and would seek to remedy this through measures to restrict ‘inappropriate’ claims on insurance.

Road tax: Mebyon Kernow would work to make road tax for bikes under 250cc free.

Mopeds: We take the view that a specialist safety commission should be created to investigate whether the law on restricting mopeds to 30mph for certain age groups is appropriate.

Off road: There are many popular off road areas for motorcyclists in Cornwall. I would like to see areas become zoned areas for this activity to allow motorcyclists to enjoy their sport without harming other’s enjoyment of off road areas.

I am Mebyon Kernow’s public services spokesperson, and the candidate for the Truro and Falmouth constituency. I am a regular rider and full bike license holder.

Loic Rich

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