Motorcycling Important says Gordon Brown

“It is important that we have a strong motorcycling industry in this country” so said Prime Minister Gordon Brown during Prime Ministers Question Time in the House of Commons on 25th Feb.

The statement was in response to questions from Conservative MP for St Albans Anne Main.She asked him specifically about the issue of motorcycle testing, which has been fundamentally changed since the introduction of European legislation in October 2008.

Anne Main highlighted to Mr Brown the drastic effects the last piece of European legislation has had on the industry since the changes came into effect. Main revealed that there has been a 62% decline in the number of tests taken since the introduction of the multi-purpose test centres which saw the number of bike test centers drop massively from over 200 to around 60.

Mr Brown commented on the importance of ensuring that the specific questions raised by Anne Main MP on tests be answered and assured the House that the Transport Minister would look at the reported figures.

Steve Kenward MCIAs (and partner in RAV) CEO said. “ The MCI is pleased to hear the motorcycle industry is getting its much needed recognition from the highest quarters. We work tirelessly with Government to create an environment in which motorcycling can flourish and welcomes the Prime Minister’s support.”

This is central to what Riders Are Voters has been calling for and this recognition is a welcome boost to the RAV campaign.

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