MPs return to Parliament as new government starts to function

The first session of Parliament takes place today, Tuesday 18th May, following a week of political deal-making between the major parties.

Also, we now know which ministers we will be talking to about delivering the Riders Are Voters Manifesto.

In years gone by, almost all of the work was funnelled through Civil Servants toward one or two ministers with responsibilities for motorcycle issues. However, this time around the electorate decided not to give any one part a majority of the vote. This means that we can expect to achieve for more through working with individual MPs to get things moving on the things that matter to riders.

MPs such as Anne Main and Barry Sheerman tabled ‘Early Day Motions’ in support of motorcycling at the end of the last Parliament. The Riders Are Voters campaign is supporting the reintroduction of these EDMs as the first indication that the new Parliament is ready to represent the interests of the UKs riders.

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