Listed below are links to petitions we are currently aware of.

These have nothing to do with the Riders Are Voters campaign but we thought we would give you the opportunity to get involved with real-life politics at the click of a mouse!

Petition  to introduce a staged driving license for car drivers as currently exists for motorcycles

Petition to promote a nationwide strategy to implement unrestricted Bus Lane Access for Motorcycles

Petition to Fuel duty reduction, now VAT has increased to 17.5%, please deduct the duty which was levied when vat was reduced to 15%

Petition to reinstate the Reciprocal Health Agreement between the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man

Petition to stop the increases in motorcycle tax proposed for 2010.

Petition to reduce the practical motorcycle test fees to be in line with the car test

Petition to make motorcycle awarness part of the driving test

Petition to to remove the stop and swerve part of the practical motorcycle test

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