Plaid Cymru Response

At a time when people in Wales have never felt so angry and let down by the same old politics in Westminster, more and more people are turning to Plaid because they know that Plaid offers something different. They know that our party’s values are in tune with theirs. These are the values of fairness and social justice upon which the politics of modern Wales were built. Which other party in Wales can say the same?

Plaid Cymru knows fuel prices are high, and we have called for a Fuel Duty Regulator to keep the cost of fuel down, because we know our rural communities depend on this method of transport.Together with the SNP we put forward a motion to amend the Finance Bill in 2008 to create a Fuel Duty Regulator, but unfortunately it was voted down by Labour in Westminster. Indeed, when given the opportunity, no Liberal Democrat MPs and only two of 193 Tory MPs voted for a fuel duty regulatory mechanism to help businesses, commuters and hauliers with the high cost of travel.

We have recently called again for action on the high cost of fuel as inflation jumped to 3.4% in March. Plaid’s candidate in Ceredigion, Penri James said that the need had been proven for measures to help communities during times of high fuel costs, but that all three London parties had turned their backs on rural areas and rejected the fuel regulator plan that Plaid put forward. Penri said, “Plaid’s actions in the last parliament clearly show that we are willing to act on our communities’ concerns. Plaid MPs put forward a constructive and workable plan to introduce a fuel duty regulator, but our efforts were cynically shot down by the London parties that have shown how little they care for rural communities.”

Plaid Cymru has demonstrated in government that it is committed to building an all-Wales, modern, integrated public transport system. We are committed to improving our public transport system, especially the rail network, but because Plaid Cymru recognises that in many parts of Wales, road travel is the choice of many, including bikers, we are committed to upgrading key major road routes, especially north-south links.

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