Question Time Events – Meet & Question Your MP

Riders Are Voters (RAV) are organising Question Time events across the country so that riders can have a chance to ask questions of their Parlaimentary Candidates.

These events are being held in dealer showrooms, so that the politicians have to come to us and meet us in our world!

If one of these events are close to you, please come along and meet the politicians who are asking for your votes.

Find out what they want to do about the potholes, or the way that the DSA is making it nearly impossible for youngsters to get a bike licence.

Ask them whether they support the fitting of non-slip manhole covers, or the provision of secure free parking. What about their attitudes to car driver training, wearing compulsory hi-viz or power limits for bikes?

How do they feel about the bike industry and everyone who works in it?

This is your chance to ask them.

The press are going to be there to listen.

Events Still To Come:

All Question time events have now been held

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