Riders Are Voters 2011 Gets Underway In Brighton

Brighton MAG and Chandlers BMW dealership, worked together to put on the first ‘question time’ type event of the year. MP Mike Weatherley and Councillor Bob Carden met over 30 riders and discussed motorcycle related issues all evening.

It was a lively and informative evening and the MP reiterated the call from Simon Frampton of Brighton MAG, that riders must speak to the relevant people if they want their voice to be heard.

Riders Are Voters, but the issues we care about will not appear on the political agenda unless we put them there.

Paddy Tyson, MAG’s campaigns manager, gave a presentation on the new GET A GRIP! campaign for consistent grip levels on our road network and had brought a new, ‘composite non-slip’ manhole cover with him that everyone was invited to stand on. The grip offered is exactly the same as surrounding tarmac and will make a massive difference to riders in both urban and rural areas if they become the standard fit.

Although many of the questions from the floor were of a local transportation nature, MP Weatherley asked that riders write to him anyway, so that he can ensure the Secretary of State is made aware of certain issues that effect riders nationally.

The Question Time Event that will be hosted by Chandlers BMW in April, will be before the local elections of 5th May, and, like QTs accross the country, will see local candidates from all political persuasions answering questions directly from riders.

The people seeking election will be the very people responsible for nonslip manhole covers, bike parking, access to bus-lanes etc. If they don’t know there is a problem, they will never act to rectify the situation.

Riders Are Voters will be giving you the opportunity to make your voice heard. I hope you’ll be a part of it.

Huge thanks to Chris and Simon of Brighton MAG and to Emmet and all at Chandlers BMW, for organising the event and demonstrating that motorcycling matters.

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