Riders face expulsion from Bus Lanes – because of parking charges…

Organisations behind the Riders Are Voters campaign have called for sense to prevail amidst growing concern that a pre-emptive decision on the future of motorcycle access to bus-lanes has been, or is about to be, taken.

Broadcasts by BBC television, recently, revealed that London Mayor Boris Johnson may be about to end motorcycle access to bus lanes as a result of an ill-tempered encounter with riders protesting against bike-parking charges.

Speaking on behalf of the Riders Are Voters campaign, Nich Brown said:

“Bus-lane access cannot be allowed to be treated as a political football as it did under the previous Mayor.

Around 150,000 London voters ride motorcycles or work in motorcycle-related businesses would be affected, alongside many thousands of visitors to the capital city.

Our expectation from meetings with TfL and the Mayor’s staff has been that the outcome of the current experimental study should be discussed with the groups most affected before any decision was made.

With just one month remaining before the experimental scheme must be made permanent we have had neither sight of the data and findings nor any invitation to meet the Mayor to discuss the outcomes.”

The Riders Are Voters campaign calls for the Mayor to give an urgent assurance that no decision has been taken.

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