Shadow Roads Minister Speaks To RAV

RAV meets shadow ministerShadow Roads Minister Robert Goodwill was the first politician to step forward and put his suggestion for motorcycling in the RAV ballot box.

Robert Goodwill, along with David Jamieson (former Labour Roads Minister), Tara Glen (Chair of the Motorcycle Industry Association) and Steve Kenward (Chief Exec of MCIA), were just some of those who stopped by the Motorcycle Action Group stand at the NEC bike show to see how the RAV campaign was developing and to give us their ideas.

RAV, MCIA meet policiticans

The motorcycle industry are really taking an interest in the RAV 2010 campaign and some of the manufacturers seem keen to offer some really tangible support.

RAV is off to a flying start.

Remember, now is the time to tell us what you’d like to see the next government do for riders and to make sure the voice of Britain’s riders is heard by all the candidates at the next election.

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