The largest Question Time event so far gets local and national TV coverage!

(Picture 1: Plenty of motorcyclists gathered)

(Picture 2: Selina Lavender, MAG Rep, speaks to  William Hague (see top right of picture where News 24 is going global)

Kings Lynn QT at C&A Superbikes saw nearly 100 riders gather to ask questions of the parliamentary candidates, who said that yet again, it was the most effective nights lobbying they’d ever had.

Peter Smith (Lab), Stephen Gordon (Lib-Dem), Elizabeth Truss (Con), Bern Adams (CamRider Training) and Nich Brown made up the panel.

Paddy Tyson chaired what was at times, quite an emotional event, all of which demonstrated that motorcycle politics really affects riders.

A news item went out on the 10.30pm Look East News, there were various Radio interviews during the evening, and then after the event finished, we were streamed live on News 24 (see link below) where 3 riders got the opportunity to put questions to William Hague!

This morning Paddy did another live interview with Radio Norfolk to round off the event.

Riders issues go public- our voice is being heard!!

You can view the Look East program on BBC iPlayer by clicking the link below:

There is an intro about 12 minutes 41 seconds in, then the main piece is from 26 minutes 7 seconds.

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