What Do You Want?

A concerted campaign, utilising one cohesive voice for riders can certainly achieve change.

The question is “What change?”

What do you want?

What do you really, really want? (Apart from an end to bad pop songs?)

We can’t guarantee Santa will bring you a new bike, but please use this link to tell us how we can all work to improve the life of riders.

Do you want to see road tax abolished for bikes and scooters because they are part of a lower CO2, congestion free future for personal transportation, or do you want to have nationwide access to bus lanes when you are riding, so that you don’t have to legally filter past the outside of stationary traffic?

Maybe you just want to ban cars?

Whatever it is, we want you to get involved and we can all campaign for what we want.

A movement with real support from riders on the road, about issues that matter, is a hundred times more effective than one imposed from above.

*You know what you want*.

*Tell us what it is,  support us and together we can achieve the change.*

Click Here To Contact Us and tell us what you want

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