What’s It All About?

What are we doing?
The Riders Are Voters campaign aims to give the UKs motorcycle and scooter riders the best chance in decades to really influence political opinion so that riders start to get a fair deal from local and national government.

The Motorcycle Action Group, together with the British Motorcyclists Federation, Motor Cycle Industry Association and Auto Cycle Union represent riders, industry and sport respectively.

These organisations worked together to encourage all riders to vote in the May 2010 General Election and to discuss biking issues with their candidates for Parliament.

The election brought about big changes; one-third of MPs elected were new to Parliament and, as no single party won enough votes to rule outright, the first coalition government since the last World War was formed.

The Mass Lobby of Parliament called for on 8th November 2010 represents the next step


What do you want?
Better Roads – tired of potholes all over the place or roads designed for the benefit of car drivers? Perhaps you are annoyed about not being able to use your local bus lanes? Can’t find anywhere to park when popping into town?

Infrastructure is just one of the areas where motorcyclists need to make their voice heard.

A better deal for learner riders
Big changes to rider training and testing have been made and more are
proposed due to EU directives but these have been and will be made worse
due to government mismanagement. Do you think learner riders have to
jump through too many expensive hoops to get a licence?

Incentives to get on yer bike
Government has spent millions of taxpayer’s money to encourage car buyers to upgrade their old cars and nothing on getting people out of dirty,
congesting cars and onto motorcycles. Do you think government should do
something to encourage more people to ride motorcycles? Are you fed up
with motorcycling being constantly ignored in the Government’s transport

Incentives to get on a greener bike
Government will be spending millions on promoting greener cars and the
development of technology to make cars greener. At the same time, they have not done anything to promote greener motorcycles and still tax bikes by engine capacity. Do you think that government should do more to encourage greener motorcycles? Do you feel that the car ’scrappage’ scheme, that gets car drivers discounts on new cars, should be extended to motorcycle buyers as well?

…and justice for all
Tired of press reports about riders being harassed by some police forces? Or
does the idea that motorcyclists committing the same crime as a car driver
seem to get a much harsher sentence raise your hackles?

Let us know!
We don’t know if you don’t tell us – please contact us and tell us what you want.

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